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Physiotherapy For Everyone

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Physiotherapy For Everyone

Physio Place offers a comprehensive physiotherapy service for a variety of requirements. Committed to ongoing development and evolving with the latest methods of physiotherapy, physio place guarantees professional treatment. This blog details some of the services we offer and how approach to treating them. If you require physiotherapy, Physio Place offers expert treatment at a high end facility.

Sports Injuries

No matter what sport you play there is always a risk of injury. Most people make the mistake of leaving sporting injuries untreated, or returning to competition to early. When dealing with sports injuries Physio Place will conduct ongoing treatment and develop an ongoing exercise routine to get the injured area back to 100% as soon as possible. If you injure yourself playing sport make sure you get the problem checked out as soon as possible and avoid dealing with more serious issues further down the line.

Work Injuries

While work injuries vary depending on the related industry. Common injuries include back and spinal injuries, strain related injuries and accident related injuries. Physio Place is registered to work for WorkCover NSW and QLD. We will assess your injury and provide the best treatment available all in conjunction with relevant claim issues and requirements.

Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Surgery, whilst having a positive outcome is often traumatic for the body. Physiotherapy treatment should be sought after surgery to aid in the rehabilitation process. If you don’t take rehabilitation seriously there is a significant risk of the surgery healing the wrong way and leading to permanent discomfort and/or a need for further surgery. At Physio Place our expert physiotherapists will develop a rehabilitation program that involves both a best practice treatment protocol that leads to self-management and a home exercise program (HEP).

Video Analysis

Video analysis allows us to capture you doing an activity and the watch it back in slow motion. Viewing movement in slow motion allows us to break down technique and the way you move your body. By conducting video analysis we can greatly reduce risk of injury and clean up technique, ensuring optimised performance.

Exercise Prescription

The benefits of daily exercise are terrific. Physio Place can plan and develop exercise plans specific to you. A range of mobility exercises and stretches if prescribed correctly will greatly benefit your health and wellbeing. We develop programs specifically for you after a thorough consultation.

Physio Place offers a variety of services all guaranteed to improve quality of life and get rid of those niggling injuries. Contact us today for more information.

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