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Welcome to Physio Place Physiotherapy Clinic! Physiotherapy, by its very nature involves close contact between physiotherapist and patient. A consultation involves you answering detailed questions about the site, severity and nature of your complaint as well as questions concerning how it began, the possible cause, its present 24-hour behavior and any past problem that may be relevant.

A physical examination or assessment will follow which will involve undressing the relevant and related areas. Appropriate undergarments should be worn, but towels to preserve your modesty are available so please ask if you feel you require them. You may also wish to have a partner or friend with you during the examination and treatment and this is perfectly acceptable.

The examination is carried out to exclude unrelated problems and clarify your complaint so that clinical diagnosis and treatment options can be considered. This may continue each time you see the physiotherapist as problems often change in site, irritability and nature from treatment to treatment. Treatment options will always be discussed with you, as your agreement and co-operation are necessary at each stage.

Although manipulation and examination maneuvers may be regarded as quite normal by the physiotherapist if you feel anxious or concerned about them please feel free to ask for an explanation or say ‘stop’ if you are unhappy with anything.

All patients are asked to pay for their treatment after each session. If you are using medical insurance to pay for your treatment you should contact your insurers to establish exactly what your policy covers and how to make a claim. We will provide the necessary documentation to substantiate your claims. A HICAPS facility is available to process claims at the time of payment.

Please note we may have to impose a discretionary 50% cancellation fee if appointments are missed or cancelled with less than 8 hours notice without due cause or reason.

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