Post Operative Care

Physio Place is a preferred clinic for many of the surgeons located on the Gold Coast. We have extensive experience with a wide variety of orthopaedic surgeries including knee and hip replacement, knee reconstruction and arthroscope, rotator cuff repair +/- subacromial decompression (shoulder surgery), ankle arthroscope, lumber and cervical spine laminectomy, and post trauma surgeries.

Brendon Burnett and Greg Condon (Gold Coast Titans Physiotherapist) have co-authored the serious of books and DVDs for post-operative rehabilitation used by surgeons and patients worldwide to rehabilitate safely and keep healing timeframes in mind that reflect the pathology involved. These highly detailed guides are available to patients of Physio Place.

Getting normal range of movement back after surgery can be difficult. We use various manual therapy techniques including massage, stretching and joint mobilisation to gain lost movement. For example, getting knee bend after knee surgery or a total knee replacement can be quite difficult (and at times painful). Forcing a joint to bend, particularly a swollen post-operative knee, can lead to further pain, swelling and stiffness. Massage, passive patellofemoral and knee mobilisations, stretching and an appropriate home exercise regime completed regularly will gain lost movement – but perseverance can be required.