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What do we provide?

“Physiotherapy services that are hands on, with one-on-one sessions, is evidence based, goal oriented and ensures lasting results”

This philosophy ensures we provide a great physiotherapy service to our patients.


Our hands-on approach incorporates a wide variety of manual therapy techniques including massage (deep tissue or remedial style), myofascial release, joint mobilisations and stretching. These techniques can also include deep dry needing (including deep muscle stimulation if indicated) or intra-muscular stimulation needling techniques. No machines can replace a skilled physiotherapist and whilst short-term symptomatic relief is possible with some devices, we offer advice only about usage.

One-on-one sessions:

Your doctor wouldn’t see two patients at one time and neither do we! We provide our full attention to each patient. This is the difference between clinics providing physiotherapy and excellence in physiotherapy.

Evidence based:

Continuing professional development for physio place practitioners ensures your physiotherapist is up-to-date in the most beneficial treatment and rehabilitation protocols. We use recent findings in journals, investigative studies, randomised controlled trials, Australian Physiotherapy Association affiliated conferences and courses, to guide our clinical reasoning and the treatment we provide for you.

Goal Orientated:

Restoring lost range-of-motion, strength, movement dysfunction or posture are all normal goals of physiotherapy. The diagnosis for your injury or condition guides an appropriate treatment and exercise protocol to meet these needs. Your Physiotherapist uses their knowledge of pathology and healing timeframes to provide an accurate timeframe for these goals to be achieved and the fastest, long-lasting road to recovery possible.

Long-lasting Results:

If we are doing a good job then we should be doing ourselves out of a job! Our philosophy is about solving your problem as soon as possible and overtime the need for our hands-on services should reduce as predominately guidance with exercises and stretches will ensure ongoing optimal health. Physiotherapy is all about educating each patient, skilling you with your own self-management techniques (stretches, exercises etc) and providing therapeutic solutions to your pain or limitations. We strive to build lifelong relationships and sincere rapport with all of our clients and their families. Let’s solve your injury today and make sure it doesn’t come back again in the future.

Our Professional Physiotherapy Services


We have a range of physiotherapy related services including massage, deep dry needling, sports podiatry, pilates, gym based rehab programming, and exercise physiology. This means that your health and fitness goals need not stay within the confines of traditional physiotherapy…


Our team are able to develop gym, pool and home based exercise programs for a variety of issues. We are able to develop specific programs for return to sport and work for your individual needs. We also offer exercise advice and recommendations for weight loss, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart conditions…

Massage Therapy

Absolutely, everyone is unique and receives an individualised treatment plan. This may include any or a combination of remedial massage techniques e.g. myofascial release, trigger point therapy, neuromuscular technique, stretching or exercise therapy, and lifestyle modification. Of course, for long-standing or significant musculoskeletal problems, a number of visits may be required and the therapist will reassess the client’s problem and the rate of progress, often modifying the treatment plan…


We provide treatment specifically for seniors that is sensitive and appropriate for common conditions such as osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, reduced mobility (often after orthopaedic surgery such as total joint replacements), spinal arthritic or degenerative joint disease. Hands-on treatment can provide immediate symptomatic relief but prescription of the right exercises, stretches or hydrotherapy programs will increase mobility and provide patients with the tools to self-manage their condition…

Pilates Classes

The Pilates classes will generally include mat work and Pilates equipment. The equipment adds resistance to your workout in a number of different ways including springs, dumbbells and bands. The classes will last approximately 1 hour. The sessions have a maximum of 3-4 clients and therefore are closely supervised. To get the full benefits of Pilates, it should be done on a regular basis, at least once per week…

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Physio Place is a preferred clinic for many of the surgeons located on the Gold Coast. We have extensive experience with a wide variety of orthopaedic surgeries including knee and hip replacement, knee reconstruction and arthroscope, rotator cuff repair +/- subacromial decompression (shoulder surgery), ankle arthroscope, lumber and cervical spine laminectomy, and post trauma surgeries…

Sports Injuries

Physio Place is the preferred clinic for The Bilambil Jets Rugby League, Currumbin Alleygators, Tweed Valley Kings Premier League Soccer and Kingscliff Elite Swimming Squad. Our physiotherapists have a wide variety of sports experience and are happy to treat all sports injuries from juniors through to elite level…

NEED HELP? Our team of physio's are here for you. Call: (07) 5523 9994 Physiotherapy Currumbin, Currumbin Waters & Currumbin Valley & beyond.

Video Analysis

We are able to film walking, running, throwing, cycling or any other sport specific skill you require. We then analyse your action in slow motion to allow for a detailed and accurate assessment of your technique and to identify any injury risk factors…

Work Injuries

All physiotherapists at Physio Place are registered to work for both Workcover QLD and NSW. We are able to offer acute hands on treatment, workplace assessments, functional capacity evaluations and work hardening programs…

Physiotherapy as part of your health team

We have a range of physiotherapy services including massage, deep dry needling, sports podiatry, pilates, gym based rehab programming, and exercise physiology. This means that your health and fitness goals need not stay within the confines of traditional physiotherapy. Your physiotherapist has the flexibility to get you the best outcome by utilising the benefits of other key techniques and referral to other key medical physicians.

We value our working relationships with local G.P doctors, radiologists, podiatrists, sports medicine physicians and orthopaedic surgeons. As part of our treatment or as indicated, we consult with your doctor and assist with the referral process when assessment or diagnosis dictates further investigations or specialist intervention. This is part of our service and there is no cost to our patients to liase on their behalf.

Extensive areas of expertise and experience

We have physios with expertise in all areas of physiotherapy including:

  • Sports
  • Spinal and Posture
  • Post Surgery Rehabilitation
  • Low Back Pain
  • Women’s Health – including post and prenatal and continence

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